Landlord Support Service

We understand the difficulty some landlords face with managing tenants and although serving notice maybe considered as the easiest option to regain possession, the added stress of going to court and the financial implications it can have leaves many landlords uncertain of what to do. Our Landlord Support Service offers flexible advice and practical help and is committed to assisting with supporting landlords as soon as problems occur, to avoid unnecessary stress and the need to evict.

We’ve already successfully helped lots of landlords and tenants to work through problems and maintain tenancies. We can assist at every stage, including when you’re considering serving notice, if you have already served notice or even at the point of a possession order. You’ll be allocated an individual NPRAS Officer to help you so that you can easily get in touch with us and we’ll put an action plan in place which we will agree with you and your tenant to make sure that we try to address problems in your tenancy.

If you are a Landlord who is considering serving notice to your tenants and need advice and support, contact us at Landlord Support Service so we can try to prevent homelessness before it is too late on 0115 8761644 or here

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